nopCommerce does not start in Visual Studio 2017

2 years ago

i have downloaded the source for nopCommerce 4.0 and opened the solution in the latest Visual Studio 2017. Build works fine,  but when i press F5  nothing happens. Right click  on the Nop.Web Project, the submenuitems of  debug are disabled. Also in the main menu i cannot start debug. After choosing the run button in the toolbar a message appears that i have no start project. But i have tried several times to select the nop.web project as start project,  but everytime i want to start the project i get the same error message.

Somebody knows how to solve this problem?

2 years ago
I use visual studio community version - no problems
2 years ago
Hi yidna,

thanks for the hint. I installed vs community and there it works without a problem. After that i repaired my normal  vs installation, and now it works there also.