[Feature request] Show 'Price per physical Unit' for all products in a category - make this mandatory

1 year ago
In most EU countries there is a law that requires anyone selling any products that can be measured with a physical quantity, like meters, kilograms, grams, liters, sheets, pieces, pairs, etc. to show the price per physical unit together with the product's price.

Example: I am selling 200ml bottles 'Water from the Fountain of Youth' for 50 Euros. Then I must show the pricing for 1 liter also: 250 EUR/liter.  It is also regulated that this information cannot be written in a too small font or hidden into some description text, it must have a comparable readability as the main price label. (own experience: operating a 1800 item webshop and forgetting to show the price per unit for only a few items could cost you 1800 EUR)  It is a serious issue, I think any webshop engine should help to avoid.

Currently all shops (especially in Germany where they fear the most of the consequences) manually calculate these numbers and write these markings into some description field like the short description of a product. Or the other option they hack the 'old price' field for this.   It is a nightmare (unfeasible) though with discounts or even with simple price change to update this value each time.

I suggest to introduce a product category flag and an extra price field that
1. would not allow this to be mistakenly left out from a product
2. would show the 'price per unit' with a similar visibility as the product's main price in all product listing where a price is visible
3. it would be perfect only if the (re)calculation would be automatic when a product's price changes
1 year ago
Hello libor,

perhaps i missunderstood it all, but for me it is done just in verison 3.90.

This $200 is calculated automaticly.

Is it what you want?
i saved just in a demo shop the item:
1 year ago
Oh thank you, we tried to solve this back in version 3.4   maybe I have overlooked it then also.

Can it be made mandatory, so nobody forgets to fill out the per meter price of the Anaconda in a pet shop?  

I try to explain: I would not be even slightly aware of that I must include a unit price for a 3-pair pack of socks (why is it not 6 socks btw?). (The story is in a nearby topic)  So I would welcome a feature not allowing me to forget this setting from any product in shop.
1 year ago
This information of unit prices concerns as far as I know only liquids, loose goods and sets (beer, sugar, 3 pairs of stockings). Other things like a radio, a car etc. are already the unit - namely a piece.
I always like to look at "Ama..." and see how they do it. They're usually always up to date when it comes to the law.

The thing at Nop is a little simple documented, I'll write an article there soon.

You have to enter the unit of account in "Configuration/Shipping/Measures" and there in the section "Weights". You create liters and milliliters with the conversion and then you give the option "PAngV" to the article, then the real unit (250 and milliliter) and then the target unit the liters (this is always set to 1).

There is no mandatory field in the shop, but that would be wrong, because there are many items without. We load all articles from our ERP system and I built a logic into it so that it always works. In the shop you could certainly do a check for the most important things (liters, kg, sets) and list it via SQL.
1 year ago
I have written small instructions and also background of the PAngV problematic under:

It's not the first time i was asked about it, so i want to share it here.
1 year ago
This is a very interesting topic for me.