Recurring Product

2 years ago
Hi guys, Please help.

is there anyway to set up recurring charges when checking out? So instead of setting a recurring product, customer can set the product(regular product) they choose during check out to be recurring charges. So we will send the product every month or quarter depending the selection.

2 years ago
Recurring Product means - When a customer purchases the product then every so often (after a week, month year, etc) A new order for the same product will be created.

Not exactly sure what you want to do - you want it so when a customer buys one product they have an option to select another product at checkout time which is a recurring product - Is that correct ?

There is cross-sell product which pops up at the bottom of the shopping cart during purchase.
"Based on your selection, you may be interested in the following items"
The cross sell product could be a recurring product (or charge)
2 years ago
Hi Yidna,

what i am looking for if there is any function for customer to turn products (regular non recurring) in the cart into recurring order when check out.

for example, shaving cream (non recurring product) in my cart, and during check out if there is option for me to make this a recurring purchase because i will be needing it every 2 months.
is there any function to trigger this(whatever customer selected into their cart) into a recurring order based on order/cart without having to set a product as recurring.

2 years ago
No not with the standard version - but anything is possible with customisation :)

Normally the product defines the recurring option
You probably don’t want to have 2 copies of each product (i.e. one not recurring and one recurring) and swap them in the cart somehow

So you could do some trickery in the background to override the product config and thus create a recurring order (even though the product is not defined as such)