nopcommerce 4.0 - setup second language non works (multilanguage & multistore)

1 year ago

I have to use two language English and Italian for my store. I want to every time open the browser (with italian language, and Windows 10 code page is italian) and run url of my store then homepage must show Italian language for first.

I set up "localizationsettings.automaticallydetectlanguage" = TRUE (All stores)

When I close the browser and reopen again browser the store still display English language for first by default, i want to every time run url for first time my store must display Italian language for first.

The "localizationsettings.automaticallydetectlanguage" non works.... ?
Please help me!

1 year ago
Just change the display order of Italian to lower than English. That should do the trick.

1 year ago

this is not a resolution of the problem. Imagine that the user is from UK and speaks English ... In version 3.9 this worked well - it recognizes the browser language ...

Is it a bug o missed function?

Thank you