nopCommerce 4.10 is released

1 year ago
Dear nopCommerce community!

We are pleased to announce official release of nopCommerce 4.10. In this version, our development efforts were focused on moving nopCommerce to .NET Core 2.1, performance and architecture improvements, further enhancements and fixing bugs. Please visit this page to download the latest version.

The highlights for this version:

•  Moved from .NET Framework to .NET Core 2.1
•  GDPR support

To see the full list of fixes and changes please visit the release notes page.

Please also share your feedback here
1 year ago
Way to go, Andrei and nopCommerce team!

Another milestone release for the best ecommerce platform!

Congratulations from the whole team!
1 year ago
Heartiest congratulations to nopCommerce team for their continued growth as a reward to their continuous efforts..

Many many congratulations once again to Andrei, Marianna and whole nopCommerce team..
1 year ago

Btw, the download link for the upgrade script is bad, it downloads changelog pdf.

>> nopCommerce 4.10 - Upgrade script (24 KB)

Workaround (for now)

1 year ago
jasmin.gagnon wrote:
the download link for the upgrade script is bad, it downloads changelog pdf.)

Thanks a lot! Fixed
1 year ago
Congratulations to nopCommerce team & Community!

Way to go nopCommerce team!

Congratulations from the whole nopAccelerate team!
1 year ago
Congratulation team
1 year ago
Many congrats nopcommerce team :)
1 year ago
Congratulation nopCommerce Team....
1 year ago
GREAT JOB be sure to install "Download .NET Core Runtime" at if you haven't