Make forum moderators to hide/delete spams from forums when nop team is not around

1 year ago
It has been happening quite often that spam accounts are created and spam topics are posted.
While nopCommerce team does its best to remove them asap, there are times when they are not around and the posts remain there till the time it's removed.

I think some members of the forum (may be MVPs or somebody you trust) should be made forum moderators. They can at the very least have capability to hide posts till it's approved/deleted by nopCommerce member.

Hope that makes sense.
1 year ago
Hi Anshul,

Thanks for suggestion! We'll definitely consider this option
1 year ago
Let me know if you need any help from my side. The real posts are hiding somewhere behind the bunch of spam posts. It really irritates to see those spammy posts covering half of active discussions.

11 months ago
Spam topics posted here in the nopCommerce forums are really getting out of control.  

I thought there was a more recent topic about it, where I even posted a SQL trigger workaround that I use for preventing spam in the Contact Us page of my nop sites, but a Google search for my SQL does not find it?  Was that topic removed?  That simple workaround can prevent a lot of spam.  (You can also include a search for exact same topic title posted in short period of time.)
11 months ago
I still thing you could apply some rules as detailed by me here - Of course it wont totally stop them but they will definietly be slowed up a bit
11 months ago
Yidna wrote:
I still thing you could apply some rules as detailed by me here ...

Yes, some of those rules are fine, but requires a lot of dev.  Although it's a hack, a trigger can be done in several minutes.

E.g. posting my code again

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[SpamPhrase](
  [Id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
  Phrase [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL,  
  [Id] ASC

CREATE TRIGGER QueuedEmailSpamBlocker
ON [dbo].QueuedEmail

    if exists ( select 1
                  from inserted i
                  join SpamPhrase s on i.Body like '%'+s.Phrase+'%'
                 where i.Subject like '%Contact us%'
        rollback transaction

insert into [SpamPhrase](Phrase) values ('some spammy phrase')
8 months ago
bump ;)