Nopcommerce 4.20

1 year ago
a.m. wrote:
Please find a list of all work items for 4.20 here. It's not a complete list of tasks for 4.20 (we're planning to add more work items to it).

I also would like to highligh our main priorities for 4.20:
1. Performance and [u]scalability[/u]
2. Linux support

We plan to release it on March-April 2019

Hi Andrei:
Could you explain in more detail what do you mean here by "scalability"?
1 year ago
I mean this work item
1 year ago
Thank you
1 year ago
New York wrote:
infinito62 was responding to my reply.  To see if your feature will be in the next release, see the link provided above by Andrei.

Yes, but you can limit the plugin to a customer role, not load twice with different configurations for each other.
True, but that may not really be considered "ACL".  For example, Fixed or By Weight By Total, would probably need to be enhanced with an additional Role field in the "Criteria".  (And, as mentioned before, nopCommerce core does not control other shipping provider plugins).

(P.S.  Shipping Director and Payment Director can do such conditional methods and rate calculations)

There also will be great to give possibility decide which payment is possible with different shipping.

When Client decide to Pick Up In Store - he shouldn't see COD payment method and few other. There should be clean setting section, like in ACL where we have in on the one side with Shipping methods, and second one with payments... and we use checkboxes to decide which one is possible/enable/disable.

Some of couriers don't have full supported COD, and it's sometimes problem for us, because we can't disable COD method for people who choose those courier.
1 year ago
Are we still on track for a March - April release?

We are suffering from some serious performance issues at the moment which we hope to improve with the new release.

Startup when debugging takes 3-4 minutes and age load speed can take 30s to a minute on some pages.

We get many autofac dependency resolution exceptions too which could be part of the cause. Believe this to be fixed in the new release?
1 year ago
lukejkw wrote:
Are we still on track for a March - April release?

Yes. ETA for 4.20 is the middle of April
1 year ago
Hi guys,

I just checked nopCommerce 4.20 and found something that I personally don't like much or maybe I am missing something.

Does anyone know why this change was done?

Is there any particular reason for removing the Tabs?

We checked a few other ecommerce platforms and we don't see anyone using such panels. Most of them use Tabs instead. So I really doubt if this is a good User Experience.

Here is how the NEW Customer administration looks like now in 4.20:

Here is how it looks like in 4.10:

I personally think the administration is much better with Tabs rather than with the new panels.

Please share your thoughts on that!

1 year ago wrote:
We checked a few other ecommerce platforms and we don't see anyone using such panels. Most of them use Tabs instead. So I really doubt if this is a good User Experience

Actually a lot of CMS don't use or moves away from tabs. For example,
1. Volusion - screenshot. Expandable blocks
2. Magento 2 - screenshot. Now it uses both approaches (tabs and expandable blocks)
3. WordPress and Shopify (screenshot). Two column blocks, no tabs

p.S. Please don't see how exactly it's implemented in nopCommerce right now. I mean blue colors. It's not finished yet. We plan to change colors so blocks will be more similar to what we have now in 4.10 (e.g. grey blocks on the "product details" or "settings" pages).
1 year ago
Hi Andrei,

Thank you for the quick reply and for the explanation!

If we ignore the colors, which as you said will be corrected soon, I don't like the new panels approach because when you open a panel that takes a lot of space then you don't really see the other panels.
This makes the navigation in the page quite hard.
With the use of the Tabs we always have them visible at the top and you can easily navigate to the other "panels" and also you see them all the time.
Now with the new interface it takes a lot of scrolling up and down just to see what the other panels are especially if they are not collapsed. So not only it is hard to find where the other panels are but you will need to scroll down/up all the time and most of the time in the wrong direction as you don't know if the panel you are looking for is up or down. Also if all panels are not collapsed it will take us a lot of time just to go to the last panel at the bottom of the page.
This in my opinion will ultimately make the management in the administration harder and more time consuming.
But you will need to play a little bit with the administration to see what I really mean.

I hope this makes sense!

I would like to hear what the other members of the community think about this and especially the Store Owners as they will be affected most.

1 year ago
Hi Andrei,
In registration form now it's a bit confusing among out of the box fiekds, custom ones and organization between personal and company data.
What i suggest is to associate each field with private or company switch attribute, including custom fields created by the administrator, and show them groupped, better if company fields are shown only if a user registers himself together with company data.
In this way there's a more professional and straightforward registration form.
An other suggestion is to add for each field a display order value, so the administrator can decide in which sort order fields must be shown.
What do think?