CPU Over-usage nop 4.1

1 year ago
Hello there,

As title suggests, i am having trouble with CPU usage with 4.1 nopcommerce.
I am running it on Xeon CPU E5-2620 v3 @ 2.40ghz with 24 GB of RAM. Next to that 4.1 i have 5 more of 3.9 or lower that run without problem, i don't have any memory problem whatsoever. But, when i use that 4.1 test site, CPU always jumps to 100% (where .NET core host consumse everything thats left, which is usually more than 80%). CPU previously never went over 50% even (usually betweem 10 and 30), now only on basic loading spikes to over 80% and as soon as content starts loading its at 100% until its loaded. And when it has to go into category it takes ages, it takes over 1 min to switch page... you get the point. How can i fix this, please advise... Thankful in advance...
1 year ago
Please review at http://www.nopcommerce.com/boards/t/54986/nopcommerce-410-high-memory-usage-and-how-weve-handled-it.aspx

Same topic has been discussed.
1 year ago
There is an issue in IIS and Server2016, where many simultaneous connections can cause windows defender to utilize the entire CPU (realtime scanning). I cleared cloudflare cache while yandex was scraping my site, and brought down the whole server. Windows defender now disabled and an alternative installed. :)
1 year ago
Okay so, after exchanging quite some messages with nop-templates team, i would like to add some stuff that i didn't find relevant in initial post. First thing, we are testing 4.1 version but our 3.9 works without any issue at all. Next, which i didn't know its considered that big, database that we have is 18000 products with 120000 specifications, 40000 pictures... We are using this DB since 2.9 (i think) and since then it grew from 6k to todays 18k of products. Not a single time we had any issues with nop, not performance not any other way. It's not heavily customized, but only some minor tweaks which do not affect performance at all (checked).

A lot of people pointed me to this topic: https://www.nopcommerce.com/boards/t/54986/nopcommerce-410-high-memory-usage-and-how-weve-handled-it.aspx but i just fail to see how can memory problem (which I don't have) can affect cpu over usage. I checked that post and file is just as that in nop, they already applied fix to newest build. Also, i got reply that some other process might affect cpu, that is also not an issue, because you can clearly see when you log in to server that .NET Core Host consumes all power that is left on cpu whenever page on site is loaded. Using mini profiler i found out that it takes entire 2 minutes to load one page of category, when 2 users in same time try to load it, time goes up to even 3 minutes. When i am lucky, page loads for 30-60 seconds.

I tried everything, disabling plugins, using default theme, reinstalling and reupgrading... nothing works. Every plugin that has AJAX works just as bad as site, and as you can guess everything combined makes site completely useless. If there is any way that Andrei will read this post and try to help with fixing it, i would be more than grateful.
1 year ago
Same here.
1 year ago
Same problem.
1 year ago
Maybe the problem in EF Core 2.10 bug.

I did plugin for fixing it

Can you try and write here about result?
1 year ago
To all of you who have been maltreated by the performance problem under EF Core 2.1 or are still maltreated...

Many thanks to Foxnetsoft,
we have suffered many weeks with speed problems under CORE 2.1 but Foxnetsoft has now solved the problem elegantly.

With a normal simple operation of the shop system, the problem is not further noticeable, but if you have many repetitive transactions then already. We like to use the Feedmanager from Foxnetsoft. This does its work under nopCommerce 3.90 in about 30 seconds. Under 4.10 the same thing takes up to 2 hours.

After many tests, it turned out that it must be the EF CORE 2.10. And what can I say... Today everything is as fast as it used to be.

Thanks to the super support by the new fixing plugin from Foxnetsoft.

What I noticed is that now the feed calculation runs on all cores (fine), without plugin only one core was used.
However far other things get better, I can't say. Especially feeds with tax calculations benefit from this plugin.

Many thanks for your support
Chr. Niederegsäß
<a href="http://www.eulanda.eu">Eulanda Software</a>
1 year ago
@foxnetsoft thank you for providing information that lead to fix our site. As a thank you we bought licence nopperformancefixefcore :)
1 year ago
Thank you too.