After our SSL certificate is up and running it seems that there is some issue with nopCommerce v2.6.
When I browse to web shop url I arrive to the secured login page. After loging falls back to http. If I navigating to the basket switches back to https. Same is for the all 'MyAccount' links but when I navigate back to home switches bact to http. Mouse over shows https but after click redirect to http.

In Admin --> Configuration --> Settings ---> All Settings (Advanced) I don't have "SecuritySettings.ForceSslForAllPages".

How can I get all pages to be SSL in nopCommerce v2.6?

In WebHelper.cs GetStoreHost(bool useSsl) method useSsl is always false and also in GetStoreLocation(bool useSsl).

In Admin/Setting/GeneralCommon I set Shop URL and under Security I check Activate SSL. Should I also set Shared SSL URL or something else?