ForumNew subforums with NOP Versions?

1 year ago
Hi! i actual looking solutions our problem with Nopcommerce 4.0... I really wanted to read only bugs/enhancements etc about version 4.0. But... there are no possibility...

I think posts should have tags/or subforum with versions of nopcommerce. This will made it more clear, and helpful.

What you think?
1 year ago
Team supports the latest version and new versions are released to allow users to update their stores. And the official forum should support the latest stable version. You can always use the search if you want to find something special.

In my opinion, subforum is not a good idea, but I would consider add a tags or something similar, where you will be able to choose specified version of nopCommerce.

1 year ago
Yes. Maybe tags are better soultion.