1 year ago
How can we add a custom stylesheet for the editor so that the styles better match the styles we have on the main site. Right now it shows black H1, H2, etc. and on our main site we have them being different colors, sizes, centering, etc.
1 year ago
ntbuddy wrote:
How can we add a custom stylesheet for the editor

What editor you mean?
Stylesheet for store front end? For admin panel only?

1 year ago
When you are in as administration and go to (1) Content Management, (2) Topics (pages), and then edit a page. Users are asking that the theme that is on the public side (e.g. H1, H2, etc.) match rather than being the default of black. This way if H1 is set to red, centered, and size 32px that it will show red, centered, and 32px.
1 year ago
The topic content will inherit your theme's style..
If you choose a heading style in the editor, it just puts the
tag on your text.
If your stylesheet defines H1 as red 32px, then this is what it should look like on your topic page.

If it doesn't, then you may need to add it to your stylesheet, implicitly defined for the .topic-page element, like:
.topic-page h1 {
     font-size: 32px;
1 year ago
That's the issue our NOP Templates theme colors, etc. are not flowing in. It looks like the default theme. This is where the clients are complaining. If the H1 is red and centered and they choose it they want it to show in the editor as red and centered. It's just not doing that.

So with that said I have no problems copy/pasting the NOP Template theme into a default editor stylesheet. Where would that be located?