Ship Individually & UPS Shipping Plugin Ver. 1.34 NOP Ver. 4.0

1 year ago
We have many products that weigh 25-50 lbs. We have marked them in NOP 4.0 to ship separately. When multiples of the products are the same, is there a way to get the UPS plugin to not combine the total weight when calculating the shipping charges, but to calculate each individually?

I understand the ship individually selection under the product only works with different products, this seems like a shortcoming in the software. This creates a big problem when calculating shipping on multiples of the same heavy items. Our customers will regularly purchase 5-12 of the same items. UPS allows a max. of 70 Lbs. package.

Does anyone know of a solution?
1 year ago
The UPS plugin configuration page has
Packing type  :  Pack by one item per package

But it will affect all items, not just the ones marked 'ship separately'.  That said, though, in general, the carriers rate by weight, so having many packages may not impact the rate.  (As would dimensional weight, oversize, etc.)

Try it ;)