11 years ago

nopCommerce incudes a basic WYSIWYG editor. It is light but with limited capabilities comparing to the CKEditor where you can add too many staff to the topic and even incorporating jQuesr (I did it with some other open source CMS).

My Question:
1) Are nopCommerce planning to develop their own editor or add CKEditor? and

2) In which version? Hopefully hopefully in version 1.8 !

Many thanks
11 years ago
We haven't decided it yet. But you can go and vote for this feature here
11 years ago
The change tracker indicates that FCKeditor was added instead of CKEditor. What was the reasoning behind this decision? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the file management module for CKEditor is part of the licensed-use-only CKFinder?
11 years ago
Yes, CKFinder was one of the reasons.
11 years ago
I finally(!) found a nice little workaround which I've not yet tested live (works perfectly locally); am posting it anyway since there's been quite a few comments regarding this issue - maybe it saves someone some time

below the example for ForumPostEdit.ascx (so needs doing in a similar fashion in any pages where it's required)

it works identically for ckeditor & fckeditor so workaround is for either

there's no need to replace or delete any of the ajax stuff, so the code impact is small;
it's really very simple, just looks a lot with every step spelt out...

1. copy the chosen cke/fcke dll file into nop bin folder
    copy ckeditor/fckeditor directory in /editors (if other directory, change base path for ckeditor)

2. add required project reference

3. web.config
         <add tagPrefix="FredCK" namespace="FredCK.CKEditor" assembly="FredCK.CKEditor, Culture=neutral,    
                 PublicKeyToken=9ef91de3e191403a" />

          <add tagPrefix="FCKeditorV2" namespace="FredCK.FCKeditorV2" assembly="FredCK.FCKeditorV2"/>

4. ascx page

    at top:

         <%@ Register Assembly="FredCK.CKEditor" Namespace="FredCK.CKEditor" TagPrefix="FredCK" %>
           <%@ Register Assembly="FFredCK.FCKeditorV2" Namespace="FredCK.FCKeditorV2" TagPrefix="FCKeditorV2" %>

    in "if (ForumManager.ForumEditor == EditorTypeEnum.HtmlEditor)":

        <FCKeditorV2:FCKeditor ID="txtTopicBodyHtml2" runat="server" Height="350" />
        or (note base path needs to point to right directory)
        <FredCK:CKEditor ID="txtTopicBodyHtml2" runat="server" BasePath="~/editors/ckeditor/"></FredCK:CKEditor>

5. code behind
    - keep HTML editor hidden (comment out 'txtTopicBodyHtml.Visible = true;')
    - whenever txtTopicBodyHtml.Content is set, add the line
                txtTopicBodyHtml2.Value = txtTopicBodyHtml.Content;
                (alternatively, replace the statement accordingly)
    - in btnSubmit_Click add as first statement in try clause
                txtTopicBodyHtml.Content = CKEditor1.Value;

6. rebuild

although, as workarounds often go, a bit clumsy in places, it has the advantage that it can be applied to individual pages without interfering with any ajax/bbcode logic

to get ckeditor dll go to, which also contains some of the instructions repeated here
11 years ago
You help and support are highly appreciated :)
11 years ago
good stuff, I use CKEditor in my NOP projects - no worries about CKFinder - plenty of alternatives or easy enough to code your own. Add RadACtive i-Load for image upload and hey presto, things are looking good :)
10 years ago
Could you post your rebuild? I do not know how to do that and editor in nopcommerce is indeed not very powerful

Thank you.