Using NopCommerce for a Bed and Breakfast...

1 year ago
I've been using NopCommerce for several years now for a couple websites. I've done fresh installs and upgrades, even compiled some custom changes before. What I haven't done, is use the rental option for a product. Now that the wife has retired, we are going to set up the new house as a bed and breakfast with 5 rooms available, Friday and Saturday nights will be 50% higher rate.

I'm assuming that I want 5 products, with an inventory of 1 for each, and I'll use the day of the week discount plugin I found here on a fresh install of NopCommerce 4.1.

Not having used the rental option, I have concerns about double booking. I'm assuming that with an inventory quantity of 1 for each of the 5 room products, that will be taken care of. Any experience with that out there?

It would be nice to have a way to show the customer what rooms are available for a given date range. Not sure there is a plugin for that. Such a plug in should display for a single product, or several in a group. Seems like a simple gridview from the database with some color shaded dates would work.

I'm going to need to set this up and have it running by 7/1/19, so I have some time. I just want to do it right and avoid those cloud based fee services - airbnb is getting about 20% of the booking money off the top. I also like to know where my data is, and who has access to it.

Let me know what you think, and thanks for your help and guidance.
8 months ago
Looking for the same here, avoiding the double booking of same product at same dates.
8 months ago
Have a look at this plugin which can be used for bed and breakfast room bookings