NopCommerce 4.30 Roadmap Offer

1 year ago
#1 Ability to assign catalog price per currency
#2 Auction support (available as plugin now)
#5 Multiple invoices per order (e.g. payments per installments)
#7 Products. Add support for video (already available as plugin)
#36 Rental products. Better inventory management
#232 Metric (Fractional) product quantities
#279 Quote (proposal) feature
#374 More ACL permissions for actions ("read", "write", etc)
#1159 Specification attribute grouping (available as plugin)
#1919 Store credit (money, not points or gift cards)
#1920 Phone orders (not the Impersonate support)
#1928 Better vendor support
#2020 Digital products. Versioning and multiple files

Please vote and discuss adding these issues to NopCommerce 4.30 Roadmap.
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing this content under one roof..!!
1 year ago
I wish to have there:
- "My Posts" in Forum page (not in account)
- New product property "Pieces in pack"
- Price per piece
- Customer groups for pricing
- Better bulk import
1 year ago
3914 Different language for Admin area
1 year ago
#1928 Better vendor support
1 year ago
Try to more focus on performance please for this new version.
11 months ago
Do we have a estimated release date for 4.30?
11 months ago
Hi Guys

What would be really good is a solution for "discontinued products", something like this would work really well.

if the product is out of stock then disable "buy now button"
if the product is now discontinued Enter "301 redirect URL".

Hopefully, this could be done without too many issues and would be a really nice solution to a very old problem.
10 months ago
#3643 - Critical reward point issue.

This should be fix in 4.30.
10 months ago
Realtime Dashboard
I would welcome a realtime Dashboard in the Admin area with all the totals and the latest Orders List refreshing automatically when a new Order arrives or orders getting processed/shipped. This Dasboard could stay opened on a manager's desktop without having to reload the page manually to see the current status of a shop.

It could be done easily with just a little javascript in the browser and using a websocket notification in the server.