V4.0 - Restart from Admin console crashes application

1 year ago
Hi all,

I am running V4.0 and whenever I try to restart the application from the admin console, it completely crashes the system and displays a 500 error. I have to go to the server and restart the app from IIS.

Why would this be? I don;t have this problem in 3.8 or 3.4?

1 year ago
Hello Jon,

As far as I know, nopCommerce 4.00 works great almost in all environments. There must be something else causing crash. Can you share your log? There must be something about crash in your nopCommerce log.

Do you have any customization or custom made plugin? That can also be a reason behind this. Normally these kind of crashes are caused by exceptions which are not properly handled in code due to bad coding practices.

Thank you,
1 year ago
I looked at the internal log for Nop V4.0 and there is no indication at all as to what would be causing this.