nopCommerce 4.20 BETA released. Please share your impressions

1 year ago
Great job. Thanks a lot.
1 year ago
mhsjaber wrote:
this version can run on linux and mysql.. so who can write installation guide for linux and mysql?

MySql is not supporting on 4.20 yet.

so which DB i need to use when i run it on LINUX server hosting?
1 year ago
Hi Team,

Wonderful news! Congratulations.

1 year ago
Thanks for the good work.
I like the new layout on the admin page product and category.
The dashboard should also be all lower and not side by side.
1 year ago
Congrats!! Great Work NOP team!
1 year ago
Do you have any sort of instructions or script to install on Linux?
1 year ago
Great News. Proud to be part to of this wonderful community :)
1 year ago

Here are first few feedback(s) after reviewing "No source" version in detail in a hosted environment for few hours :)

1. Performance seems to have improved a lot since last version. At least, first few hours with 4.20 seems to be really impressive. However, I need to test it under different circumstances and load test it to get actual insights using some tools.

2. Nivo Slider plugin does not installs automatically during installation. When we try to install it manually from plugin page, it simply does not gives error and asks to apply changes but that also doesn't work. I can see an error in log that says, "The plugin "Widgets.NivoSlider" not installed" and it didn't worked even after some efforts.

3. Accordion card layout seems really hard to use and does not seems user friendly when you have to scroll down. We liked old tabbed layout. Instead of accordion panels, vertical tabs are more UI/UX friendly if you don't want to use horizontal tabs. Is there a way rather than customization, so we could move back to tabbed layout? Navigation is really very very difficult.

4. Most of developers use AdminTabCreatedEvent to add a tab on some page inside admin using plugin, but it seems that we need to do something else. Can nopCommerce team share a solution too?

5. Title column on blog posts page inside admin is too narrow.

6. It is good to see in-built HTML minification and response compression in general settings. However, response compression is available from last version but it is good to see a setting on GUI for it.

That's all for now. I didn't see anything else so far to notice much in UI/UX or features that are visible. Rest all looks good except #3 that I mentioned above.

Hope to see final version much more improved or a release candidate before final release with more improvements.

Good luck to nopCommerce team. Keep doing great job :)

Best regard's,
1 year ago
I have host 4.2beta on smarter asp for testing purpose.. any one can check site.

admin:- [email protected]
password:- admin

1 year ago
Congratulation for the beta release.
However I need a help,
How can i use / in category URLs to create Breadcrumb URL structure like
earlier in version 3.9 it was done using some code like this which is available on following URL

But it would be more helpful if nopcommerce just allow to use / in URL

change is to be implemented in Ver. 4.2 as Seoextentions.cs and GenericURLRouteProvider.cs has been removed from the source.