Uploading plugin 4.20 and a directory is exctract as a file

1 year ago

I am working on a plugin and till version 4.10 it works fine.
With version 4.20 when I upload it my Script directory, which contains one file, is extract firstly as a file, and after that when extraction of my js file try to create directory scripts it says that the file or directory is already created.
I can see in the destination directory Scripts is created as file.
But same package works fine for 4.10

Using 7zip to zip/unzip on my machine. Manual unzipping looks fine and no errors.

Any suggestions?

1 year ago
It looks my problem comes from the new implementation of NopFileProvider.

In nopCommerce v4.10 Combine method used directly Path.Combine which returned fine result.

My problem comes with version 4.20 where it looks when the path is created the directory name of "Scripts" folder no more ends to "//" which cause the problem that is treat as a file and firstly created as file.

My host machine is Win10.
1 year ago
Done. Please see this commit for more details
1 year ago
It works now.