Can anybody Please Share the document on how to install 4.20 noSource through iis

11 months ago
i followed all the steps but still couldn't get succeeded, and facing " HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure  " issue and in event log " application 'machine/webroot/apphost/webnosource' with physical root 'e:\nopcom42\' failed to start process with commandline 'e:\nopcom42\nop.web.exe ', errorcode = '0x800700d8' : 0."
11 months ago
Hey AbdulQayyum,

Don't have the doc personally, but pointers would be:

follow MS docs to install/config IIS for NET CORE 2.x environment

make sure DOTNET CORE 2.2.x runtime and hosting bundle installed on server.

make sure the IIS APP pool user has modify permissions on nopcommerce folders as listed here

All the Best