Stock Inventory Level Bug (Single Stock level but using attributes in the same transaction)

1 year ago
1. nopCommerce version: 4.2
2. Expected Behaviour: Only allow stock level quantity of items to be sold
3. Actual behavior: Allows stock level to be sold "for each attribute, IF purchased in the same transaction"
4. Steps to reproduce the problem
Create a product with a product attribute Age with dropdown list options of Adult / child.
Inventory Method: Track Inventory, Stock Level 20
Buy the product and add 20 to the qty, while selecting child and add 20 while selecting adult
Added to basket with no errors which is wrong as there are only 20 places in total.

Note that if you add 20 adult tickets and buy them, the stock level is correctly updated and you cannot buy child tickets so the problem is purely for buying in the same transaction.

5. Any private modifications you made to your nopCommerce: None. Using the latest download to explore nop commerce for use with event bookings.

11 months ago
Reported in previous post.