Article. DataTables template that simplifies the work

1 year ago
Hello, community!

If you're looking for a flexible tool to configure grids of any complexity, this post is for you.

Our developer, Dmitriy Kulagin, prepared for you an article, dedicated to how nopCommerce, the most popular e-commerce platform on .Net Core, has switched to using the DataTables library on jQuery.

During the transition process, we tried to simplify for ourselves and third-party developers such a painstaking and tedious task as declaring the tables used in the project with the help of a wrapper template for DataTables.

Read the article on CodeProject: DataTables template that simplifies the work
1 year ago
Thanks, link is very informative and useful but I want to know how we add / develop new list page into admin side (like Customer list). What steps we fallow? What files we need to create to show our data into a data table. I have tried (as other lists created) but not succeeded.
1 year ago
The article has been removed from CodeProject and we published it on DZone.

You can read about DataTables here