Manual (Fixed or By Weight and By Total) Plugin

1 year ago
I was having problem installing the Manual (Fixed or By Weight and By Total) in version 4.20 - in that each time I cliched on "install" from within the list of local plugin it would not install. Therefore, I deleted the plugin. However, when I try to find it in the marketplace to re-download the free plugin I am not seeing the plugin in the marketplace. Can someone please help me here?
1 year ago
Are you running source or no source version ?

Either way it is in both or those packages
Go to the original download pacakage and get it from there
1 year ago
Thanks - we are using source version.
1 year ago
Note, that in 4.20, after you click "Install", you must then click "Restart application to apply changes".
(or restart the web app manually).

4.20 now 'queues up' multiple Installs, so that it only has to restart once.
1 year ago
I am still having problems with this - When I click on install for the plugin it does not install. Is there a separate plugin for this like in Version 4.0 there was a standalone plugin.
1 year ago
All plugins are "standalone", it's just that some come 'out of the box' with the system download vs have to be downloaded from the marketplace.

Check the System > Log to see if any error messages.

Open file (with e.g. notepad)   \App_Data\plugins.json
Look at the bottom of the file.  Do you see any plugins listed in the brackets [ ... ] ?
  "PluginNamesToUninstall": [],
  "PluginNamesToDelete": [],
  "PluginNamesToInstall": []

Those actions take place when the system restarts.  If you still see any names in the brackets, then your system has not yet restarted.