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1 year ago
i need to customize NopCommerce (last version available) to my business model.

My busines model is a marketplace multi-vendor where a seller can start in few minute the own e-commerce. The seller will find in the marketplace all the products, categories, payment methods, shipping methods,etc, already configured. The seller will only have to enter his personal details, his bank account and his identity card to "open" the ecommerce.
The administrator of the marketplace will manage all the product for all seller managing the product description, product images, etc. The catalog should be the same and shared between  all the seller.
The seller must only select the product he want sell and insert the price, a  possible discount in a time frame, update quantity, choose the best shipping methods for him,define the delivery time. he can only see the product description but non change it.
The customer who accesses the portal must first select the seller from a list (or search for it through the zip code) and from that moment have a classic online purchase user experience by seeing only the items sold by that store.
You can see something similar by looking at the website; i want replicate that structure.

I think that the main changes that the platform need for me are:
- one shared catalog for all seller
- using stripe system for split payments (i mean Stripe Connect) ."When using Stripe Connect, you need to create an account (known asa connected account) for each user that receives money on your platform."
- a module for the seller where he can define the local zone where he can delivery and define delivery time
- in my business every product can have many sku; it is not a variance but it is the same product. maybe you should keep in mind this.

Is there someone that can send a quotation for this?
1 year ago

Hope to help you.

Nopcommerce multi tenant:
1 year ago
Hello Mike,

We already development system like you describe.

Kindly check your PM.

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PM Sent!

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Hi Mike,

I would be glad to join you in this project as we have developed similar solutions before. Please share more detail via email: [email protected] or let’s discuss over Skype: priyankaabnave.cdn

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