I have configured reward points for my NopCommerce site.
Rewords points are calculated properly.

But Reward point redeem amount is not deducted from Total amount when payment done using credit cart.

There are two payment method in our checkout page.
1) Credit card.
2) Paypal Standard.

Everything works perfect with Paypal Standard option but when customer pay with Credit card order detail show perfect deduction of reward points but the amount I received from credit card process is not show deduction of redeem amount.
for example : Customer A purchase products from our site and details are :
  Total of $198.
  sub total discount 29.70.
  reward point amount : $10.95  
  Final Amount : $150.95

  Nopcommerce  admin order details show Final amount $150.95 but when customer do payment using credit card I got
  ($198-$29.70 =168.3 ) but it must be  ($198-$29.70- $10.95 =150.95)

Anyone have idea about this.