I had to switch from Arvixe to a new host because of... well, lots of reasons. I have backed up and restored the SQL database. I also have accessed the new host database with HeidiSQL and everything looks great. I zipped up the old directory structure from Arvixe and restores that to the same virtual directory on the new host.

I have modified the settings.txt for database access, but -

The issue I am running into is probably due to a different host path. One of the things I had to do when I used Arvixe was put the commerce site in a folder called "store". I have added that virtual folder to ASP. The link to the store is https://www.smtdesigns.com/store. I have searched through everything I could find to fix the path issue, but I have not found the parameter.

When I run the site now, I get a Could not load type 'Nop.Web.MvcApplication' when global.aspx is accessed.

Can anyone point me to the proper file or whatever to fix the path?