New approach to create language packs

1 year ago
libor wrote:
I suggest to move the language resource directories one level deeper in the file system under a locales/ or sg similarly named directory in the production build.
It is annoying that all those 50 pcs two-letter country-codes directories clutter the main folder each time when I manually do something on the server's file system.

Your request is not somehow related to the original topic about translations and language packs.

It's technical question related to how ASP.NET Core is implemented. These folders are not related to language packs but to resources of some third-party libraries. Just ignore them
1 year ago
Thank you for clarifying.
Sorry for posting it in the wrong place, I thought they are related to the language packs.

How does an arrogant third-party library think it can clutter the main directory of any project?  Which is it btw?  (i will suggest them to fix it )
Fortunately they have  not implemented all the 7117 languages spoken in the world, making us scroll half an hour thru all of them each time.
I suppose I can also delete them, I mean those resources of the never used languages in our shop. Thank you for taking the time.
6 months ago
I hope other people will join efforts in translating nopCommerce. This seems to be best approach. Besides, it would like to become in our native language.
Thanks, NopCommerce team for introducing this new approach.
5 months ago
Hi, everybody!

Thanks to everyone who has already taken part in the creation of language packs!

nopCommerce is already translated into many languages, but some of them are not finished yet.

Please visit our translations page:
If the translation to your language is not fully completed or listed yet, you can export your language pack and share it with us or do the translation on CrowdIn directly.

We can discuss and choose the benefits for your needs.

If you ready to join the translation please contact us: