2 years ago
Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce you a new version of qBoSlider plugin.

We try to develop most strong full functionality for a free slider plugin as possible and support it for all available nopCommerce versions.

- Unlimited slide quantity;
- Fast content loading via cache;
- Simple configuration and customization;
- Responsive design support;
- Multilanguage HTML slide content editor;
- Multistore support;

From plugin version 1.0.7:
- ACL Support;
- Published field - each slide can be published or not;
- Widget zone configuration. Now plugin allow to select one widget zone for displaying;

Plugin are absolutely free for every one. You can download it here.
If you already use qBoSlider and want to get new version, find qBo 1.0.7.sql file in archive to update database for latest plugin version.

Please feel free to write me here if you have some issues with my plugins.

Thank you :)
2 years ago
New qBoSlider version 1.0.9 is available.
New version has latest slider version and fixed 'plugin descriptor' bug.
1 month ago
Hi everyone!
Sorry for so long delay, but today I want to present you latest version (1.3.2) of qBoSlider!

Today it's a multi widget zone plugin, which allows you create sliders for any nopCommerce widget zones!

Main features:
- Unlimited widget zones quantity support. You can create slider for each widget zone in your
- store.
- Unlimited slides quantity.
- Multilanguage slide content.
- HTML content supported.
- Fast content loading via cache.
- Multilanguage slide images. You can select slide background image for each store language.
- Simple configuration and customization.
- Responsive design support.
- ACL support. You can select which customer roles will see the slide.
- Multistore support. You can display slides only in needed stores.
- Slide activity time support. You can set date from which slide will be visible and when it become invisible again.

Supported nopCommerce versions: 4.20, 4.30, 4.40

- Here you can download slider latest version.
- Here you can find slider wiki.
- Here you can find plugin 'Get started' page.
- Here you can find slide sources on GitHub.
1 month ago
It's amazing, thanks for the update.
2 weeks ago
Hi there👋❕
Good news on today. Now qBoSlider works with nopCommerce 4.50.2 😉