Duplicate Order confirmations being sent to customers?

8 months ago
Hi All,

I am on V3.4, and whenever a customer places an order, they are getting 2 copies of the Order Confirmation, and they are exactly the same. Why would this be happening?


8 months ago
Have you customised your solution?
8 months ago
8 months ago
Are they exactly the same?  Check which Message Templates you have active:

OrderCompleted.CustomerNotification       %Store.Name%. Your order completed

OrderPaid.CustomerNotification            %Store.Name%. Order #%Order.OrderNumber% paid

OrderPlaced.CustomerNotification          Order receipt from %Store.Name%.
8 months ago
Checked the templates and the templates themselves are different but the notifications are going out twice.
8 months ago
Check your Message Queue - put in some Start/End date  (e.g. yesterday) and then un-select "Load not sent emails only".
Do you see multiple/duplicate messages queued/sent?