Duplicate Order confirmations being sent to customers?

11 months ago
Hi All,

I am on V3.4, and whenever a customer places an order, they are getting 2 copies of the Order Confirmation, and they are exactly the same. Why would this be happening?


10 months ago
Have you customised your solution?
10 months ago
10 months ago
Are they exactly the same?  Check which Message Templates you have active:

OrderCompleted.CustomerNotification       %Store.Name%. Your order completed

OrderPaid.CustomerNotification            %Store.Name%. Order #%Order.OrderNumber% paid

OrderPlaced.CustomerNotification          Order receipt from %Store.Name%.
10 months ago
Checked the templates and the templates themselves are different but the notifications are going out twice.
10 months ago
Check your Message Queue - put in some Start/End date  (e.g. yesterday) and then un-select "Load not sent emails only".
Do you see multiple/duplicate messages queued/sent?