NOP Commerce Product Attribute Combinations and products added on basket webpage is very slow

9 months ago
Good Morning,

We have a store running thousands with attribute combinations per product.

The page works fine but once we add a product to the basket it becomes very slow and it takes about 1 minute to load the basket.

Other pages work fine on this server but it gets too slow from the moment we add values ​​to the basket and when we access the basket it takes a long time to enter.

There is some reason for this to happen.
9 months ago
Did you customize the solution? If yes, share ShoppingCartModelFactory.PrepareMiniShoppingCartModel and ShoppingCartModelFactory.PrepareShoppingCartModel method implementations.
9 months ago
No we do not customize these files.

We upgraded to version 4.20 and it worked better.
9 months ago
Can you please specify which portion of code taking more time to execute? Try to debug the code.