bulk message requeue via database table/query?

8 months ago

We had a mail server outage all weekend, and I have 500+ emails that need to be requeued. This will take all night or longer if I have to do each one manually.

I know there isn't a method within the Message Queue page in the admin area, but I'm wondering if it's possible to just open the QueuedEmail table and change a value so that the messages are requeued..or even just run an update query.
I have the table open now, and filtered the results to only show messages on the days our mail server had problems, but I don't understand which column or what value to supply for nopCommerce to requeue the messages.

SELECT        Id, PriorityId, [From], FromName, [To], ToName, CC, Bcc, Subject, Body, CreatedOnUtc, SentTries, SentOnUtc, EmailAccountId, AttachmentFilePath, AttachmentFileName, ReplyTo, ReplyToName,
                         AttachedDownloadId, DontSendBeforeDateUtc
FROM            QueuedEmail
WHERE        (CreatedOnUtc BETWEEN '2019-10-19 12:00:00.477' AND '2019-10-21 11:00:00.477')

How to bulk requeue from database??

Is it as easy as just deleting the SentOnUtc value from those records???
(if empty, nopcommerce will try to resend automatically??)

Something like this:
UPDATE QueuedEmail SET [SentOnUtc] = NULL where (CreatedOnUtc BETWEEN '2019-10-19 12:00:00.477' AND '2019-10-21 11:00:00.477')

I just realized that a simpler way to ask that would have been something like this:

What exactly happens when the requeue button is clicked?

8 months ago
also set
   SentTries = 0

I believe that's how it does retries.
8 months ago
New York wrote:
also set
   SentTries = 0

I believe that's how it does retries.

That was the trick!
You're the man.

Thanks, as always!