updating setting for Shopping Cart

9 months ago
I don't seem to be able to update the setting for my shopping cart.  
I want to click "display cart after adding a product" but it will not save for me.  I want to go to the shopping cart as soon as a product is added to the shopping cart.  
But when I click save it goes back to being unchecked.

Is there another master setting someplace else I need to look for?
9 months ago
Yes, there is a master setting. Actually, all setting will be there that is
  site.com/Admin/Setting/AllSettings which is Configuration==>Setting==>AllSetting then search by the bellow key

9 months ago
I found it in the edit all section.  It already said "True" which seems odd since it was unchecked still in the other menu.  But I changed it to "False" and now it gives me an error message on  site.com/Admin/Setting/ShoppingCart  So I looked it up again in the all section and it is now gone and does not show up.
9 months ago
I did find it again and marked it back to "true" and now it is working.  Thank you for your help.