No tax when logged in as Admin (4.2/4.3)

9 months ago
Hi everybody,

I've searched the web, and this forum to no avail.
I've configured flat tax rates and that is working perfectly as a normal user or as guest; in the cart it displays the price with tax included and on a separate line the amount for the tax, just as I want it to.

However when I am logged in as Admin the price is always excluding tax and the tax rate is always zero.

Is this a setting that I'm missing?
Please help.

Best regards,
9 months ago
Check the Roles you are in.  The Roles config page has a "Tax exempt" checkbox.

Could it be your address - Tax is usually based on an address (can be set for Billing or Shipping Address).
9 months ago

Checked both;
This is an initial setup and all "Tax exempt" checkboxes are unchecked.
I'm using the "FixedOrByCountryStateZip" plugin with fixed rates - not based on address.

Kind regards,
9 months ago
Hi again,

Found it, fixed it.
In the "Tax Settings" the "Tax based on" property was set to "Billing address"; when I set it to "Default address" display was correct.

That makes me wonder why, as the billing address of the Admin is the same as the default address.

But is works.

Kind regards,
7 months ago
Check your address within your profile! Mine was set to United States and I had same problems as you. Setting proper address country solved my issues.