Payments 3D Authorisation and Order Placement Timing Problem.

10 years ago
Hi All,

I've been busy developing a new payment provider for nop and have run into a bit of an issue with the 3D secure scheme and nop.

The problem is due to the need for the client / customer to interact again with the payment provider AFTER clicking confirm / Processing the payment and BEFORE placing the order. So processing the payment involves a second stage of user interaction. So with my current implementation the order is placed, emails sent to the user, inventory reduced etc before the 3D secure part of the process is complete.

Has anyone run into this issue before? Anyone created a work around? Nop Team - is this a known issue for future releases?

I'd rather not have to rip the guts out of the way payment providers work to get around this!!


10 years ago
It's a known issue. See this work item and this forum topic
10 years ago
OK thanks - I'll have a read through.