Product position not working?

7 months ago
1.  nopCommerce version: 4.1
2. Expected behavior: When we set product category position to: 10, and other products 100... product should move on position.
3. Actual behavior: Now we have product X with "position number" 10 000 (should be at the last page). And other with: 1,2,3... For some reason few products don't move on position... I clear cache / re-index / restart application... nothing change...:/
4. Steps to reproduce the problem: I don't know. It's works... and sometimes stops :/
5. Any private modifications you made to your nopCommerce

1. We use "tab" from NOP 3.7 to manage product category / positions via product (nopcommerce remove it...  don't know why, now newest products are move to last pages:/ and can't arrange "main" category via product... but it's important for google merchant... or other places...)
2. We use Foxnet "outofstocklast" - when product is out of stock, this plugin move it on last page.

Have someone idea, why products can "stuck" and don't wanted move "on set position"? I check in database and there is correct number... After change number in database we should do something?
7 months ago
Are the products which are not changing their position featured for the category? The featured products are always displayed above the non-featured products irrespective of their display order
3 months ago
Solution: Uncheck "include product from subcategories". From some reason main category use "subcatetegory" position... I was thinking it's works in different way.