Shipping Method Name: "Unavailable" ? Why? Shipping = $0.00

8 months ago
Shipping Method Name:  "Unavailable" ?  Why?  Shipping = $0.00 (which is incorrect).
nop commerce version 3.5

Why is shipping to one particular country, Canada, $0.00?  I can see $23.01 in the Shipping by Box Shipping Computation, I can see Canada unchecked in Shipping Restrictions.  So why is shipping to Canada $0.00?  

I see Shipping Method is clearly shown as FedEx in one field, and then "Unavailable" in another.  That "Unavailable" must be causing the problem!  HELP! How to fix?
8 months ago
Are you seeing the error in the admin or public store?

Was this working OK before, and then just started showing "Unavailable" ?

Are you using "Fixed or By Weight and By Total"?  Click the "manage shipping methods" button in the upper right.
8 months ago
I am seeing the error of shipping To Canada as $0.00 in the public store.  
I am seeing the correct amount of $23.01 in Shipping Method Computation.
It was working for years without issue until 2 days ago when I was poking around to try to find the place to change the shipping charges.  
I am at a loss for how to fix.  I am sure that "Unavailable" in Shipping Method Name in Shipping Method Computation area is the culprit.  
Now I have Deleted the Canada shipping and want to Add New the Canada Shipping, but the system won't let me Add New.
It charges the correct amount for the US.  It charges the correct amount for all other countries. Except Canada.  It's got to be a bug.
8 months ago
How do I Add a New Record to Configure Shipping by Box?
I have tried to add Canada and clicked finish, but it does nothing.  
All this sounds like a bug to me.
8 months ago
I am using Shipping by Box and there is no Manage Shipping Methods button anywhere
8 months ago
I've never heard of "Shipping by Box" .  Would you show a screen capture of its configuration page?