Product cost / profit in order excel report

8 months ago

Is there a way to view a colum for the "product cost" and "Profit" when i generate an export of my orders in the "Sales" / "Orders" section in Excel.

I would like to know the product cost / profit for products by period.

I'm using Nop version 4.00 with multi-store.

I'm waiting for your answer...

Thank you!
8 months ago
Profit is not in the Export.  It only shows as a summary in footer of the Order List - e.g.
Profit $4,469.30
Shipping $0.00
Tax $0.00
Total $4,469.30

You can set the Start date / End date  criteria in the Search section at the top of the Order List page.

You would need to customize the Export if you want it there.
8 months ago

Thanks for the answer.

Do you know in wich file in the code the export Excel is generated if I want to modify the code?

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8 months ago
The Export manager is here:
private byte[] ExportOrderToXlsxWithProducts(...

FYI, you can see how profit (summary) is calculated here:
public virtual decimal ProfitReport(...