Plugin image not showing on Admin neither on Store page

8 months ago

I developed an e-commerce using the nopCommerce 4.20, and when I was running in localhost, all the images were showing fine. Then, I published it to Azure and then some images are not showing anymore. Some of then still fine, and a lot of them it's not showing on the Admin -> Plugin List and not even showing on the Store page, for some of my payment methods.

The images that are fine and the images have the same name, that is logo.jpg. They're all have been uploaded to the Azure server, I double checked it via FTP.
But they still aren't showing.

I tried deleting the image via FTP and then reupload it again and didn't work.
I tried making the configuration page url for the plugins the same as the controller and also didn't work.

Did someone also have or had this issue before?

Thanks in advance.
8 months ago
It could be the cache issue. Try clearing the application and browser's cache and try again.
Also, try reloading the plugins and restart the application
8 months ago
Thanks for the reply.

Even after cleaning the cache still not working. I also tried reloading the plugin list and restarting the app but still not showing the images.

I also tried adding into wwwroot folder the image with the same path that it locates that is 'Plugins/Payment.Paypal/logo.jpg' and still doesn't work.
8 months ago
In the browser, right-click the image placeholder, and 'copy image address'.  Paste it into browser address bar.  Does it look valid?  

(Is your site at the wwwroot, or in a subfolder?)
8 months ago
Is the same as the others images that works.
8 months ago
Turns out it was that when I was rebuilding the solution, an web.config file was being added into the plugin folder. I deleted it and it worked fine.

Thanks for all the help guys.