I'm having trouble assigning a BOGO discount. When I apply a discount nopcommerce adds the discount beyond the requirements. Say the product is 100 and I'm making it so when they buy 2 the discount kicks in and they only pay 100 however the problem is that if they buy 3 products instead of making them pay full price for the 3rd item (which would be 200 total with the BOGO) nopcommerce is continuing to assess the discount and charging them 50 instead of 100 so they're only paying 150. This would make sense for a BOGO if they bought 4 because then they would be charged 200 as intended.

Is there anyway to limit the discount to the quantities needed for the discount without it continuing to apply the discount after those initial parameters are met?

I assigned a discount to only be applied when a customer has a maximum quantity of 2 of X so they are only charged 1 of X. However if they order 3 of X it's continuing to apply the discount and only charging 1 and 1/2 of X instead of rolling over to 2 of X. I need this discount to only apply if they purchase in 2's (if they buy 2 X they are charged for 1, if they buy 4 they're charged for 2, if they buy 3 they're charged for 2, if they buy 5 they're charged for 3, etc...)