NOP 4.2 transfer from SmarterASP to Azure

8 months ago
Not real familiar on how Azure or similar hostings work. I've only worked with hosting similar to Smarter, Godady, ionos, etc.
In Azure I've got a App Service that installed plain NopCommerce from the Azure gallery. I've tried exporting my database from existing store at SmarterASP, but running into a few snags. Some things aren't importing like it should. I'm using MSSMS export to do the transfer. Not sure if there is a better way.

Also, as far as file management. I'm not seeing a location where files are stored. I'll need to transfer all my product images and not seeing this option.

Has anyone else done a similar transfer of sites to Azure?
8 months ago

If you can install this software in your system

Then you will able to see all files into it.

Azure mostly not provide file manager in there portal. You always have to connect using FTP.