.NET Core 3.0

5 months ago
Hi there,

We are currently in the midst of upgrading a large nopCommerce client site to 4.2
This version requires .NET Core 2.2.
As per Microsoft release cycle, this version will have its support removed by 23.12.2019.
See here:

I understand .NET Core 3.0 (and preferably 3.1 which is LTS) is still in discussion for nopCommerce 4.3 (which has not set a release date yet).

Are there any recommendations regarding this situation?
5 months ago
NopCommerce usually releases two versions every year. So I believe version 4.3 will be available soon.
NopCommerce upgrade can be performed from one version to another version in a serial manner so you can't upgrade from let's say 4.1 to 4.3 directly without upgrading to 4.2 so I suggest you upgrade to version 4.2 which uses .Net Core2.2 and again upgrade to 4.3 which will probably be available with the latest .Net Core version real soon.
5 months ago
Thanks for the input but I don't share your optimism.
The last milestone (4.2) had a set date in GitHub but was released quite a bit later than expected.
This milestone (4.3) does not even have a set date yet and is only 61% complete.
This means that we either abort the upgrade and wait or go through with it and handle an unsupported .NET core version for a few months.
5 months ago
We plan to use .NET Core 3.0 in the next version of nopCommerce.
And most probably It'll be released in March
5 months ago
Thanks for the time frame, we will take that under consideration.
Just to be on the safe side, you do mean to support version 3.1 (LTS) of .NET Core and not version 3.0 which will come out of support in the beginning of Match 2020?
5 months ago
Of course, the latest version of .NET Core
3 months ago
Can you provide change set in nop 4.3? Admin area is very complected (by code and design wise).
Data tables are hard to modify. Thanks.
1 month ago

I am looking forward your version 4.3 compatible with .net core 3.1 and would love to build this in react...

Looking forward to talk/work with you guys