Missing </head> tag in V4.20

5 months ago
Hi All,
I've noticed that the </head> tag is not being rendered on any of the sites that I'm running.  Has anyone else noticed this behaviour.  This happens whether I'm using the default theme or the custom one.  The code on the custom theme for example is . . .

    @await Component.InvokeAsync("Favicon")
  @if (displayMiniProfiler)
        <mini-profiler />
    <!--Powered by nopCommerce - https://www.nopCommerce.com-->

and the rendered html is . . .

<meta name=msapplication-TileColor content=#2d89ef>
<meta name=msapplication-TileImage content=/icons/icons_0/mstile-144x144.png>
<meta name=msapplication-config content=/icons/icons_0/browserconfig.xml>
<meta name=theme-color content=#ffffff>
<div class=ajax-loading-block-window style=display:none>

I've added a dummy class to the body tag to prove that is the correct file that is getting loaded.
Anyone have some ideas?

5 months ago
I see a head head in the demo view-source:https://demo.nopcommerce.com/

What settings do you have in the General tab for Minification:
Html minification  
JavaScript bundling and minification  
CSS bundling and minification  
Use response compression  
5 months ago
Good response :-)
Currently I have the following enabled:
Html minification
javascript bundling

By unchecking the html minification I now see the closing head tag.  Is this a bug or in some way by design?