Important changes on our marketplace

6 months ago
Dear nopCommerce community!

The nopCommerce marketplace has 1,500+ integrations, plugins, and graphical themes from almost 300 vendors. A large and diverse marketplace is very important to allow everyone to easily customize their store. But with a large number of products, it should be well-structured and contain detailed and clear descriptions. Otherwise, the buyers would not be able to find the needed extensions.

That is why we initiate changes to improve our marketplace and make it more convenient. We have seriously updated the requirements for extensions and themes. Starting from today, the nopCommerce team will carry out quality control checks of all the extensions there.

The whole list of new requirements is available on this page.  If you uploaded plugins and themes on our marketplace, please update them in accordance with the new requirements until February, 1. All unedited plugins will be removed after this date.

Please read more about these significant changes in our blog.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let’s discuss them here.
6 months ago
Great changes for marketplace !!
This will help to store owner to find the best extension which is fulfill his/her requirement.
6 months ago
It will realy help for dev and store owner to find best plugin accross the marketplace.
6 months ago
Hi Andrei,

the new market place looks very good.
But then I think you should add a country selection. Then you can choose your country or region. Because not all plug-ins are legally secure for all countries.

Best regards
6 months ago
Current marketplace don't have search feature for Themes, it would be good if theme have search feature so user can direct search theme.
Right now on search functionality is only working for plugin.
6 months ago
The new policy is going to be really helpful for both the customer and the vendors. There  were growing reports of unresponsive vendors and also the dispute between reputed partners on the themes/plugins copyright claims. With the strict policy on the extension upload, it is going to encourage the genuine service provider to build even more useful themes and extension making the marketplace even more diverse and better.
6 months ago
This is good move to improve plugin marketplace !

It is needed very much because Store owners are struggling to find easy integrations with popular marketing platforms where plugins are available for Shopify ,Woocommerce , Majento and Opencart.

I am struggling to connect my web store with Facebook Catalogue via pixel and Google Merchant Center via google crawl for Dynamic Re-targeting Ads.

Please put extra effort in developing plugins to connect with Facebook Dynamic Ads.
This is help drive sales and improve ROI and growth for store owners !
6 months ago
Sure, its important that "All extensions must be secure, without viruses, malware, or vulnerabilities.", but I'm curious how other developers feel about nopCommerce team doing a  "... review the source code ..."   (even if "... The information entered here will be available to nopCommerce team only. We don’t publish it publicly.")
6 months ago
This is very good news that you want to do something with marketplace of plugins/themes. As you know, we’ve talked about it several times, so also for us it’s very important and awaited change.

First of all, we have doubts about rules related with existing plugins. If vendor has 10 plugins, deadline is ok. But what about vendors who has 50/60 and more extensions? It will consume the most of the working days in January. What about rest of duties that vendors do each day, like projects, new development? Product description changes won’t bring vendors money, but require big efforts. It’s not about the cosmetic change, so in our opinion, the time in which we should adapt our products has to be longer than one month.

The second part is related with themes. What is the reason to get PSD files? Since when a PSD file is required to create a template?  For example, our Bootstrap Theme - this template costs 49$, creating a PSD files would never return invested money, when it is very simple template! Each template should have demo to check it’s work. If you want to do tests, you will be able to do them with demo and admin access. If you have test scenario for templates, share them with community, it will be easier for each developer to make tests before submission. In our opinion, it will reduce the number of rejected themes.

As New York noticed, we don’t understand the requirement about sharing source code of plugins. To check the quality of the plugin, it’s enough to provide trial version. It should show the work of the plugin. To provide source code we must have a confidentiality agreement and a legal prohibition of distribution or sharing. The provided guarantee should also apply to the fact that the nopCommerce won’t use them in the general project fully or in parts without the author's consent.

In fact, as long as you don’t sell the extensions, access to the source code does not guarantee that customer won’t get virus/malware etc. Because vendors can upload anything they want on their websites. So the question is why do you need the source code? Of course we agree with fact that detailed description, documentation and free trial is required. Possibility to show plugins’ work via Skype or TeamViewer shouldn’t be accepted. And again, do you have test procedures for the plugins? If so, please share them with community. As I noticed in the theme verification section, if we have knowledge about test procedures, we will be able to reduce issues before engaging you into the plugin approval.

PS. By the way, I’m impressed that you want to eliminate the vast majority of extensions on marketplace.. Changes should be introduced slowly and gradually. Currently, after February 1, 80% of plugins and themes should disappear from the marketplace.
6 months ago
Hello Andrei,

I am sure it's a great initiative and we already talked about so many things that you guys did in this marketplace improvement. However, I am not sure how you are managing it because I know that adding features and improving nopCommerce platform is always a high-priority and on-going job.

Andrei, I have few concerns and I would like to share it here, on which I expect a reply from your end.

1. Can you rest us assured that the reviews are only done by nopCommerce official team and you are not outsourcing it to any other company / person / solution partner? This is very important.

2. Source code of a product is very critical and sensitive information. Not even our employees have access to most of things like the NopAdvance.Core plugin. On some plugins we have really invested a lot of time and money and upon release they will be some products on which company's future also rely. How will you rest us assured that source code is always safe with nopCommerce? Can you also share your data security policy for our plugin and theme source codes? This is very very critical question in our point of view and adds a lot of risk if these things are out someday. What if source code is leaked from nopCommerce end?
We follow a lot better code standard compared to other people that we have seen so far in client projects. But, how will we make sure that our standards doesn't go out in this competitive environment?

3. Sometimes we just design a theme by looking at several other live eCommerce websites that are available worldwide like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Myntra and many others we come across. In this case, we never designed a PSD but in some cases we designed PSD's too. What can be done here? Because you have mentioned that in case of a graphical theme, you need PSD to review theme code.

Andrei, I really want to make sure that we NopAdvance supports this initiative by NopCommerce but at the same time we are also worried about security of our code and copyright materials because they are the biggest asset to a Software Company.

Expecting your reply on above by beginning of next week if possible. Happy weekend :)

Best Regards,
Atul Rungta