Link colour on category pages

6 months ago
Hi there
version 4.2
I would like the links located on the centre /main body of the product category pages to change to blue when you hover the mouse on them.
is there a way to do this?
(the links on the left hand side of the category page already do this) but the links on on the main page body itself do not.
hope that makes sense!
6 months ago
Your question is not clear which links you wanted to change the color. Category products main body is in ~/Themes/{your_theme}/Views/Catalog/CategoryTemplate.ProductsInGridOrLines.cshtml.

To know more about nopCommerce theme structure and modification process, please follow the documentation.
6 months ago
You would need to change the CSS to achieve this.
You can find the element(class) for the link and change its hover styling.  Something similar to this
a:hover {
  color: blue;

This styling will change all the link's hover styling to blue. You need to find the exact element and apply the styling only for those elements(class).
6 months ago
Thank you. for anyone who is looking:
the ccs file is here : wwwroot \ Themes \ DefaultClean \ Content \ css \ styles.css
to make it like the other links the colour is

a:hover {
  color: #4ab2f1;

just need to find which part relates to the category pages now !