RUSSIAN currency formatting.

8 months ago
We have a client in Russia. Their nopCommerce version is 3.90
Their site is bi-lingual: Russian & English.
So when it is set Russian language it shows "руб." and when it is set English it shows same "руб."
We want it for Russian to be "руб." and for English "RUB"
How can we do this? I have tried many ways, but it doesn't work.
Please, help.
8 months ago
See if this helps
8 months ago
New York wrote:

It does not help. When I switch that on it shows "0 руб. (RUB)".

We have only one currency on the site RUSSIAN RUBLE.

We need for Russian language to be "0 руб."
For English language to be "0 RUB"