Excluding a single product from sitemap

4 months ago
Is it possible to have specific products excluded from the automatically generated sitemap?

I have some products that are wholesale priced, and visible on the website only to those logged in with appropriate customer roles. I do not want the wholesale-priced products to become indexed by search engines.

Under "Display" on each topic setting page is the option "Include in sitemap" (as simple as ensuring the box is not checked to exclude the topic from sitemap), but I cannot find any similar option under product settings.

(I am using version 4.20)
4 months ago
Hi mrichmond,
There is no such feature available out of the box that allows us to exclude specific products from the sitemap. You may want to check and customize the SiteMapGenerator.cs class of Nop.Service.Seo namespace to achieve the feature you are looking for.