Removing Unused Languages

4 months ago
I noticed when building the code locally in this folder:

\Nop.Web\bin\[debug or release]\

There are about 30 folders each with a Humanizer.resources.dll file in them.  I am only using a single language so I'd like to get rid of the ones I am not using. I looked into project.assets.json and I'm a little nervous about editing it manually. Is there an easy way to get rid of all of them except for English?
3 months ago
Would also like to know this.   See you didn't get an answer - did you delete them without error?
3 months ago
FYI: I just blasted the folders and so far no ill effects
3 months ago
You can prevent to generate those culture folders. Check this post on StackOverflow
3 weeks ago
can i just delete those folders from my wwwroot folder 1 time?? will it again generated? or it will only generate while building the project

awaiting reply