Shipping.UPS and Shipping.CanadaPost not working both at a time

4 months ago

I'm using nop v4.0
We are using both shipping method plugins "Shipping.UPS and Shipping.CanadaPost" in shipping origin I added this address "Canada, Ontario, ca,add1, M4A 2S4 " but in the frontend, while I select shipping address at checkout page "US" county address then I get only shipping.UPS plugin services if I select "Canada"  county address then I get only shipping.CanadaPost plugin services but I want to display both plugin services

Venkat Goud.
4 months ago
1) Check System > Log for any error messages
2) Check which methods/services you've selected in the plugin's configuration page - i.e. If an "international" (or "worldwide") service is required to go from US to CA (or vice versa), and you don't have that service selected, then the provider will not show if only such services are returned by the carrier plugin.