Where is ProductDetails.Grouped.cshtml displayed in the web page

4 months ago
I've been trying to track this view down because I noticed it calls a partial view which seemed to behave as a TierPrices environment which I'm interested in. It did appear as it was related to ProductDetails view... And for future reference if you have any tip/trick to quickly preview a view without say having to drill down to it from the Controller and Route would appreciate.
4 months ago
ProductDetails.Grouped.cshtml or ProductTemplate.Grouped.cshtml? If it's ProductTemplate.Grouped.cshtml, then it will be invoked when you go to product details page of Grouped (product with variants) type product.

4 months ago
It's a product template.
So when your product is configured with Grouped product template then ProductDetails.Grouped.cshtml  will display.

You can configure this from product edit page.
Check this page on demo site