Has anyone successfully created a continous integration environment?

4 months ago
My team is working on developing a nopCommerce site to replace an aging Magento 1.x solution.  I have been working on plugin development for integration to our single-sign-on, as well as pushing orders to our CRM database, and pulling existing orders back into Nop.  After creating the plugins, i'm finding it difficult to create a deployment that contains the plugins.  In Azure Devops, msbuild creates the zip file but the Plugins folder is empty.   This is somewhat expected, due to nop's use of build targets to clean up the project, however I'm finding it difficult to come up with any kind of solution to get my plugins over to the site.  I really don't want to have to hack in my own set of build targets that copy the plugins into the directories, but I am not seeing another solution that allows me to create a packaged deployment.  

4 months ago
We have a working CI pipeline working in DevOps environment (we use MS hosted servers). Regarding your problems, it all depends on the Plugins folder you have in mind. If it is the one found in Nop.Web, make sure that Build target called NopTarget is executed. It compiles plugins, found in [Solutionpath]/plugins folder and copies output to [SolutionPath]/Presentation/Nop.Web/Plugins
4 months ago
I didn't see the buildtarget actually building the plugins.  I'm going to reinvestigate it now.  I thought it only cleaned out extra files.

Are you using a package deploy (parameterized deployment)?  What Devops task are you deploying with?