nopCommerce 3.6 and Redis

3 months ago

We have two nopCommerce sites.  One of them is on nopCommerce 3.6.  We host this site in Azure in a multiple-server environment.  If I enable both servers on our load balancer, I can see requests being sent between the two. Cool.  However, authentication information seems to get lost: if I authenticate on Server A, Server B is unaware and I lost my authentication if I'm handed off to that server.

I have a Redis cache section in the config file on both servers that was written by a different developer.  I've read that there is a MultipleInstancesEnabled config setting on 3.7.  

Is sharing cache with Redis possible on 3.6?  Because of customizations for our internal ERP system and process, upgrading beyond 3.6 isn't possible right now.  

Thanks for any advice!

3 months ago
To anyone reading this topic:

I think I have this sorted out.  I also needed to include the machine key in both Web.config files.  Once I included that and made sure the config files matched, I can now see my authentication surviving the switch between the servers.


Now I need to figure it out in 4.0 for our other site.